Origins (Album)

Its a ship, Jim.

Studio Notes

Origins is a collection of eclectic new-age and electronic fusion morphisms including experiments with extraterrestrial communication and psychoacoustic refibulations. Origins is also the first attempt at composing an entire acoustically instrumental album within a year solely on an iPad.

Origins, initially released on 19th January 2019, is a collection of interconnected instrumental pieces with strong world influences in an easy listening format. This album is designed to be played end to end, with each piece flowing into the next for an hour of soothing relaxation, with uplifting themes interspersed with gentle meditative parts. 

There are two versions of Origins on the stores due to a re-master of the audio later in 2019. To identify the remastered version, look for the orange “swirl-phones” on the album cover.

Equipment used

  • Composed and produced on an Apple iPad Pro with Garageband.
  • Mastered externally in Silicon Valley, California by Cliff Anderson (Deathy).


“Origins” by RedHeat is a fresh, bold and innovative release, perfect for stargazing, dreaming and thinking. The cover shows a part of a tubular bell, which indicates the importance of Mike Oldfield’s music. But it is only a part of the picture, “Origins” is so much more. A Lao Tzu quote springs to mind: “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” “Origins” takes us there, into space and back, reminding us not to take it all too seriously. Let’s “Be Geezy”!

Track list

1. Return to Marwinia (Excerpt)
2. In the Light
3. Just a Robot
4. Falcon Heavy
5. Upon Horseback
6. Tubular Dogs
7. Thinking Time
8. Aether
9. Be Geezy
10. Digi Hastus 1.0
11. Cassini Theme


Origins (Album)

by Wintje+ai

Origins (Album)

by RRR

Origins Album Art

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