The Imagenxer

Atmospheric, somewhat tongue in cheek with inclusions of traditional orchestral instruments juxtaposed against the lead from the avant garde track Digihastus now mixed with sprites from the melodic electronic dance movement that was popular in the 90s.

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Oh, You Are High!

Our local beauty spot is once again available, with the weather perfect and Ilona-Ruby on the very slow but positive path to recovery, this is our progress so far. Music is from my number 1 favourite album by Mike Oldfield: The Songs of Distant Earth. Poignantly titled track: Only Time Will Tell.

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Return To Ommadawn

Mike Oldfieldโ€™s chilly Return to Ommadawn album dropped and so it was to be. A walk in the last sunset of November, in the afternoon at half past three. A place we frequently try to return to- as it is always changing, the lake at this place is very shallow and when dried up it […]

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Sentinel – Chaamse Bos

Chilly weather, the last of the sunshine as 2018 makes its departure into the winter. The music is by Mike Oldfield, the first track- Sentinel from Tubular Bells II. The area is the remains of a filled-in outdoor swimming facility that shut down many years ago, nature has taken over the concrete and a natural […]

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