Return To Marwinia

Studio Notes

The unlikely opening to the Origins album, a bit of a misfit and overall one of the tedious tracks on the album, this was composed last minute to fill in for a track that was original scheduled to be released but couldn’t because of various technical issues.

This piece follows some of the melodic content from the old Marwinia theme tunes, as well as incorporates some elements from earlier compositions such as ‘’Stronger” from way back in 1999. Overall this piece is a bit of a trick to make people think the album is much like it, where in truth its the only track on the album that is this mediocre.

Equipment used

  • Composed and produced on an Apple iPad Pro with Garageband.
  • Mastered by Cliff Anderson, Silicon Valley USA (my friend Deathy).


Return To Marwinia

by Wintje+ai


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