The Imagenxer

Atmospheric, somewhat tongue in cheek with inclusions of traditional orchestral instruments juxtaposed against the lead from the avant garde track Digihastus now mixed with sprites from the melodic electronic dance movement that was popular in the 90s.

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Return To Marwinia

Studio Notes The unlikely opening to the Origins album, a bit of a misfit and overall one of the tedious tracks on the album, this was composed last minute to fill in for a track that was original scheduled to be released but couldn’t because of various technical issues. This piece follows some of the […]

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Time Out

Studio Notes Finally – The completed version! Time Out has to be one of the most uplifting symphonic electronica songs I have written so far, it’s beginning is very slow and quite abstractly put together, but you’ll soon find that about 1 minute in you’re in for some action. If you like piano pop then […]

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