La La La!

You know redheat, maybe you should consider doing songs like this for the mobile phone companies? think of the cash! All kidding aside, you always manage to crack me up with these nutty songs! Wow.. This song is really fun to listen. Even tho it’s not my style. Technically this song is really good. The […]

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Everyone Go M II

Music Video Studio Notes This was the first test module as a follow up to the original that was posted to Amiga Format magazine and ended up on the cover disk, this particular version was composed for the game developer mentioned in Everyone Go M although I had no real direction communicated on what to […]

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Everyone Go M

Music Video Studio Notes This track is a little bit famous as it was the first of the Amiga Format magazine’s Mod-of-the-Month competition winners, following suite from CU Amiga’s long standing mod-of-the-month cover-disk feature. This came about due to Amiga Format launching a Cover CD that had more storage than they knew what to do […]

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