Hanami Nights

Studio Notes Blurb: Released on 6th June 2019, Hanami Nights is a Tropical House flavored New Age track, themed upon Japanese pentatonic scale with traditional instruments combined with a western Celtic touch. Hanami Nights entered the New Age music charts at #8 on New Age Music Guide Top Ten for the month of June 2019, […]

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Tales from the Bell Tower

Studio Notes Tales from the Bell Tower was composed in a single week after release from a long term hospital stay of several months. The track was scheduled to be on a Sounds of Scenesat volume however it was not, due to the release date for SceneSat’s compilation being pushed back much further than desired. […]

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Bells After Sundown

“…and slowly and surely they drew their plans against us” Studio Notes This track was officially released with the Sounds of Scenesat Volume 2 LIVE on scenesat.com on 15th May 2011. Thank you for stumbling upon this release, you are now listening to the sound of Tubular Bel… no actually not quite! Vocal was Bren (syphus) unwittingly […]

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Dim Sum

Studio Notes Music Compo 01 81 Replaceable Vocals Bitch – benjam^Salva Mea 02 78 Dim Sum – m0d 03 74 If I Could Melt Your Heart ? – red^mercury/titan 04 61 Paris at night (Quick ‘n dirty edit).mp3 – Guy Sybian Equipment used Artwork

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Studio Notes Starlight is a symphonic electronica sounding piece. With movements inspired from the 80’s period, with a slight classical edge – this composition delivers an upbeat, ever changing soundscape journey. This is the second release of 2001, sorry it has taken so long but with moving house you kinda don’t get to do much […]

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Time Out

Studio Notes Finally – The completed version! Time Out has to be one of the most uplifting symphonic electronica songs I have written so far, it’s beginning is very slow and quite abstractly put together, but you’ll soon find that about 1 minute in you’re in for some action. If you like piano pop then […]

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