Old Stuff

Track Pages Track List *= Never released.  Studio Notes The majority of this material was made as a teenager back in the 1990s while composing via traditional hand-played and sequenced recordings. At the time there was not a lot of hardware in the studio- just 1 Roland XP60 keyboard and a PC MIDI interface. Some […]

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Digihastus V1.0

A surreal experimental piece using radio frequency interference (RFI) as a source, along with pseudo artificial intelligence (me). The piece is demonstrated visually in the early-stages version of Origins titled “How To Make A Potential Difference” which both references potential as visualized from the 6th dimension of superposition as well as literally interpreted as electrical voltage in the usual dimension we are all accustomed to.

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Origins (Album)

Its a ship, Jim. Track Pages Studio Notes Origins is a collection of eclectic new-age and electronic fusion morphisms including experiments with extraterrestrial communication and psychoacoustic refibulations. Origins is also the first attempt at composing an entire acoustically instrumental album within a year solely on an iPad. Origins, initially released on 19th January 2019, is […]

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We Are The Songs

Studio Notes When the database of the chiptune community known as ”8bit collective” or “#8bc” died and corrupted a huge number of songs, ”We are the songs” is a tribute to lost music from this terrible occasion. The dissonant intro depicting melting fragmented chiptune. “We are the songs” is a quirky blast through as many […]

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