“New” 10m band NET10 QRG

We (the #packetradio bros around the world) are going ahead and publicising a “new” packet location on 10m for #hfpacket #ARDOP #robustpacket #VARAHF and #FX25 300b. “Net10”: https://eindhoven.space/radio-experiments/packet-radio/where-to-find-packet-on-10-meter-band-us-eu/

It’ll be easy for KAM-tone TNCs as well using 28.140MHz LSB, AX25/FX25 inverts to USB for the other modes so dial freq for the multimode stations is 28.1371 USB @ tone pair 1000hz center frequency. See link for chart, much easier.

Packet Radio / QRG Update

This update does not affect anyone using 14.105 LSB with a standard old fashioned TNC.

For those operating on the USB QRG, we have recently had to alter the QRG dial frequency slightly up and compensate by moving one of the modem tone pairs down 100hz in order to put sufficient spacing between the multimode and packet channel “Blue”. Prior to this there was a small overlap causing some problems especially if the radios participating were slightly off-frequency.

Below are the new QRG details for all three bands.


The multi platform ported version of UZ7HO soundmodem by G8BPQ.



New RPI4 Image Available

My first RPI image has been created to flash an SDCard which will boot a RPI4 into a bank of TNCs – ARDOP, Packet and VARA for use simultaneously. With huge thanks to the WheezyE Winelink project for the integration of VARA on Linux, this image includes all the setup tweaks to get them all running on one audio interface, an attachable VNC session for GUI monitoring, while your remote BPQ32 node links into it to control the TNCs. Designed to be used where one Pi per HF radio covers all three modes at the same time.

Check out the rather long winded but in depth explanation of the setup in the posted video, the image is also dual purpose and doubles as an emulation platform for running some of the best packet terminal software from the yesteryear:

Raspberry Pi4 Trifecta TNC-Bank Image Companion Documentation

Introduction A (long winded) demonstration of the setup Download The image requires at least a 16GB SDCard (8.3GB used) and will auto-resize to the full capacity on boot up. P.S This document is still a work in progress 😻 When Used as A TNC Bank Upon first boot the image will resize itself to fit […]

RPI4 Trifecta: VARA, Packet & ARDOP – One Audio Interface