Music Video Studio Notes A bit of an experiment with sound generation, originally the sound input to this was from an FM radio scanner, many of the signals in this are sources such as trunked radio systems, interference and other oddities found in the VHF spectrum. Equipment used The sound was then processed via Paulstretch, […]

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Ice Palace (EP)

Ethereal Soundscapes Music Video Studio Notes Ice Palace is an ambient crystalline ethereal binaural audio experience- composed to conjure the cold vastness of space and the beautiful swirling storms of Jupiter. A 45 minute lush evolving soundscape. A video featuring abstract artwork is available below. A re-synthesis created from an original 6 minute long source […]

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Abstract Landscape

Studio Notes A Gentle and moving composition which will cast you away in a realm of relaxation. Written using the XP and the ESI and includes part 2 of the Interlude composition. Sit back and Enjoy… Original release note, 2002 Equipment used Artwork

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