Strawberry Fields

A short but sweet progressive new age track with a story. Music Video Studio Notes May 2019. We had been self isolating for almost a year due to Ilona-Ruby’s cancer ordeal and she was still very sick from the treatments, during the entire winter I’d taken her on rides in the wheelchair around the village, […]

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Origins (Album)

Its a ship, Jim. Track Pages Studio Notes Origins is a collection of eclectic new-age and electronic fusion morphisms including experiments with extraterrestrial communication and psychoacoustic refibulations. Origins is also the first attempt at composing an entire acoustically instrumental album within a year solely on an iPad. Origins, initially released on 19th January 2019, is […]

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Thinking Time

Inspired by the experiences I had with EMDR psychotherapy treatment, the music when in the headphones is hypnotic and relaxing, but can also be used to meditate. I have found myself listening to this track to enter a state of deep thought.

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Studio Notes A peaceful, serene and adventurous piece. Driving late night, early morning. Heading from the city, lights flashing by… out to the country. Cruising on the narrow country roads up to the top of a hill to watch the sunrise. Now this is the phase [2002-2004 retrospect] which I’m really enjoying my music. I […]

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Red Reflections (Album)

Track Pages Original Physical CD Cover Transcript of CD Insert Well, I’m a one man band, I play the synthesiser and have been writing music for the last couple of years (since early 1998). My early stuff is pretty dreadful, but that was when I first began composing so it was to be expected. 😉 […]

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