Life of the Lady Bugs

Risking having the two most important loves of my life in one place is a serious worry, at the same time. Bringing mother along too for a memory refresh- places where she once brought me here as a toddler on my first abroad educational holiday for the volcanoes. I also rescued 4 beached stranded Lady bugs, gave them fresh water and let them hitch a ride to some shelter and vegetation- sparse on the volcanos. Music is Part 1 of my new unfinished instrumental album “Imagin”

Celebrating success – Meow Meow Meow Commodore 64 Edition

Studio Notes

My first SID track. Composed from scratch on DefleMask tracker on my iPad Pro workstation. Celebrating passing 1.4 million streams of the original meow meow meow kitty song on Amazon Music alone, in total on all services combined the ballpark is nearer 2.0M and rising FAST! Here is a SID rendition, my first SID track as well. ^_^

If you would like to play this on a real Commodore 64, below is ZIP file (free for personal use) containing the SID.

Equipment used:

  • DefleMask Tracker iOS
  • iPad Pro 4th Generation
  • Lots of patience!

Cover Art

Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC:

Label: Redheat

Released: April 6th 2022

ISRC: n/a

Year: 2022

Genres: Chiptune

Grand Theft Lumber: Early Chronicles of the GTA Adventure Community


“Probably a Tree” – a song about the trials and tribulations of easy to miss but hard to avoid trees in the game “GTA V”.

I had been responsible for coercing many of our clan’s players to deliberately crash their aircraft in the game for the cause. Composing the music, performing the instruments and singing all of the vocals in the song turned this into a fairly major project for me.

Video footage included several coordinated scenes with direction and effort made by many crew members. This was a LOT of fun during our nightly sessions.

The song and video then went semi-viral around the Reddit GTA community and also reposted by Rockstar Games’s own social club.

I believe the limiting factor in the video’s spread via Rockstar themselves was probably due to the R-rated single F-bomb in the lyrics, although since the topic of the video is about trees, the word was actually fir-kin. I guess a major screw-up on my part for thinking I’d get away with that. 😝

Instruments physically performed in this piece include: the Chinese Erhu, a traditional bowed instrument. The melodica, a wind instrument similar to combining a keyboard with a harmonica, and a regular hand played Concertina. The remainder of the instrumentation was then put together in the digital audio workstation: Renoise.

RedHeat Productions

The original logo was also one of my original contributions to the crew that has apparently stood the test of time. The crew emblem/logo can be put on cars and clothing in-game and is still in use on the GTAX/GTAA Crew (Clan) subreddit.

A few scraps of video of the Rockstar emblem creator used to put together a replica of the Reddit Snoo plus some crew-appropriate attire:

Legendary status accomplished!

Shenanigans afoot

The game Grand Theft Auto V is now multiplatform cross-play on newer consoles and so the two crews merged from the same subreddit- The GTAX Adventure crew for Xbox 360 with the GTA Adventure Crew for Playstation.

There have been other productions created from various crew events- here’s a couple of them for the sake of nostalgia! 😃

Please note that the quality of the video here is absurdly poor as I did not have video capture ability for my Xbox until much later, so these were shot by pointing a HD handy-cam video camera directly at my television screen! 😯🤣

Here are a few more- mostly for the memories.

When we could load North Yankton into multiplayer!
GTAA Does Top Gear Challenge including interviews
Creating a ring of Titan planes to use as a bike track

The Dam Busters was our first real accomplished video coordination effort, following the theme of the original movie including the long title sequence, as was common in that era.

Main Feature Film

Probably a Tree

Keep your eyes peeled- The track is included on the Not Safe for Life compilation coming out (by request of Commissioner Zdah) on April 1st 2022 on all streaming platforms. If you want a preview of the entire compilation, look no further:

Cover Art

Thanks for dropping by, these days while I do now have an Xbox Series S I haven’t really felt the pull of GTAV since I arrived very late to the platform, however I do still game and have spent quite a bit of time in No Man’s Sky.

If you would like to add me on Xbox, my tag is ”redheat” 😃

Like Many, Red Bottles.

People, hurry up the party at the village its just begins This is a pretty song, the music has the classical feeling of the popoular songs with a dance background, but I can’t think about this like a song because it seems a jingle, its so short. I really love the bells at begins and the dance drums, all the instruments are balanced well and the song give me a professional impression. But I can’t say other its so short!

Dreawlk- CTGMusic, 2004

Cover Art

Studio Notes

Red Bottles! is a short, cute furry tune with no hope whatsoever. Just for fun…. no, really. fun. To be taken lightly!

Original release note,

Equipment Used

  • Roland XP 60 Synthesizer
  • Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
  • Terratec 24/96 Audio Interface

Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC: n/a

Label: Redheat

Released: March 2004

ISRC: n/a

Year: 2004

Genres: Dance, Electronic