In The Light

Progressive rock with an orchestral twist

Studio Notes

This track was made to help me deal with the loss of my step-father to Alzheimers, although he is still alive (April 2022) he isnโ€™t really here anymore. In The Light is a send-off tribute to a man that was once tremendously talented with the crafts of woodwork and antique restoration.

The early onset of dementia and the brutal effect it has on his persona has been problematic especially in the early stages where it was not apparent that the Lewy-Body syndrome was ravaging his mind.

He was brilliant and methodical to the often personally painful point of perfectionism. His fingers would frequently be chapped and cracked and horrifyingly filled in with superglue(!). A nod to this is paraphrased in the lyric โ€and slowly and surely they drew their plans and enhancedโ€ because thats what he did for many of those who interacted with him.

This is the way I would like to remember him. His physical body is a husk and the cruelty of having to wait to die while experiencing utter terror on a daily basis is why I support euthanasia which is allowed here in the Netherlands but not in the United Kingdom where the rest of my family lives.

This would also be the first track to be written to begin the Origins album, originally scheduled to be the first track it was bumped to #2 which in retrospect was probably not the greatest decision.

Equipment used

  • Apple iPad Pro 1st Generation
  • Garageband iOS
  • Mastering by Cliff Anderson, Silicon Valley, California

  • Performed By: Redheat
  • Album UPC: 193428715073
  • Label: Redheat
  • Released: April 1st 2019
  • ISRC: uscgj1964561
  • Year: 2019
  • Genres: Progressive Rock, Symphonic Electronica


In The Light

by KittyPitty+ai


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