The Gravity Bell

The Gravity Bell is a space-oprea New Age style progressive instrumental orchestral adventure in a musical composition together with a custom artwork based upon an earlier work Gravity Assist.

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We Are The Songs

Studio Notes When the database of the chiptune community known as ”8bit collective” or “#8bc” died and corrupted a huge number of songs, ”We are the songs” is a tribute to lost music from this terrible occasion. The dissonant intro depicting melting fragmented chiptune. “We are the songs” is a quirky blast through as many […]

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The Escape from Marwinia

Studio Notes A hop, skip and jump, falling, fighting, victories, frights, revelations, reconciliation and ultimate involuntary sacrifice to the madness of the sentient forest. Originally composed in 2005 and recorded while performed from a combination of orchestral and electronic instruments, the evocative soundtrack whisks the listener on a journey across a bizarre twisted world where […]

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Time Odyssey

Studio Notes This tune is one of the few best orchestral pieces I have written so far. The style is a mixture of BIG orchestra strings/brass and piano (of course) with a ‘synthy’ twist towards the middle of the song. If you like listening to multilayer songs, with lots of action, then try this one […]

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