Life of the Ladybirds

We rescued four stranded Ladybirds, gave them fresh water and let them hitch a ride to some shelter and vegetation- which is all too sparse on the volcanos. Music is part of a new instrumental EP: Let There Be Life. Releasing on all platforms 25th December 2022.

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New Year 2020

Short post but incredibly good news. A miracle. Ilona-Ruby is in full remission. Can’t begin to tell you how that feels in words, so we will show you in art and music composed on the night we found out.

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Oh, You Are High!

Our local beauty spot is once again available, with the weather perfect and Ilona-Ruby on the very slow but positive path to recovery, this is our progress so far. Music is from my number 1 favourite album by Mike Oldfield: The Songs of Distant Earth. Poignantly titled track: Only Time Will Tell.

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Wet Socks

It is what it is, wet socks. How to enjoy life on the stony beaches on Lanzarote, our first vacation since what seems forever. Wet socks.

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Lanzarote 2019

First vacation since Ilona-Ruby’s miraculous treatment, its been a hell of a time getting to this moment, and its all on me to pull all the suitcases and I don’t mind one bit. 😎 Here’s our vacation video and a nifty soundtrack made in an 8-bar mono-synthesizer called Figure. It doesn’t actually have a sequencer, […]

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The Lake by The Old Field

The Mastbos is a nearby forest in the city of Breda, it has a spectacular landscape and is a great place to go for a gentle stroll. This video was shot on one of the sunny days a few weeks after Ilona-Ruby’s last radiotherapy. It was good to be outside again. The music is composed […]

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New Year 2019

Happy 2019! We’re hoping for one and for a miracle… we are both very scared coming to terms with Ilona-Ruby’s recent cancer discovery. Everything is now on hold indefinitely while we work through this together. This means we can have no contact with the outside world until treatment with chemotherapy is complete, as the impact […]

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Return To Ommadawn

Mike Oldfield’s chilly Return to Ommadawn album dropped and so it was to be. A walk in the last sunset of November, in the afternoon at half past three. A place we frequently try to return to- as it is always changing, the lake at this place is very shallow and when dried up it […]

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