Be Geezy

Studio Notes Part of the experiment to compose and produce an entire album on a stock-featured mobile device in one year. This track takes on some inspiration from Tubular World by my buddy Mike Oldfield but wraps it in a completely different soundscape. Nice bit of motivational vibe. Equipment used Artwork

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Dim Sum

Studio Notes Music Compo 01 81 Replaceable Vocals Bitch – benjam^Salva Mea 02 78 Dim Sum – m0d 03 74 If I Could Melt Your Heart ? – red^mercury/titan 04 61 Paris at night (Quick ‘n dirty edit).mp3 – Guy Sybian Equipment used Artwork

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Red Reflections (Album)

Track Pages Original Physical CD Cover Transcript of CD Insert Well, I’m a one man band, I play the synthesiser and have been writing music for the last couple of years (since early 1998). My early stuff is pretty dreadful, but that was when I first began composing so it was to be expected. 😉 […]

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Studio Notes Starlight is a symphonic electronica sounding piece. With movements inspired from the 80’s period, with a slight classical edge – this composition delivers an upbeat, ever changing soundscape journey. This is the second release of 2001, sorry it has taken so long but with moving house you kinda don’t get to do much […]

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