Update 2021: Eindhoven Airport Building Collapse


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Fully Operational

The brand new, fully rebuilt multipurpose building as it stands today.

A closer look during our 2021 vacation departure from Eindhoven Airport

Update 2020: Eindhoven Airport Building Collapse


The Update

The speculation made initially by the early investigators citing the the probable cause as material failure was completely wrong.

After a thorough forensic investigation by the Dutch Safety Board, the actual fault was found and the origin of the fault that caused the collapse was due to an error made by the construction company.

The investigation discovered that load bearing floor panels had been installed with incorrect orientation. The panels were meant to be crossing the pillars laterally and instead they were positioned longitudinally across the support pillars, leading to catastrophic structural integrity failure.

Below is a quote from the official investigation.

Eindhoven Airport and construction company BAM reached an agreement on the financial settlement of the incident of 27 May 2017, in which the parking garage at Eindhoven Airport partially collapsed. Fortunately no casualties occurred during the incident.

At the beginning of April 2018 BAM started with the rebuilding of the parking garage. Completion is planned for October 2019. The parties do not make any further announcements regarding the content of the agreement reached.

“We are pleased that with this agreement we can put a stop to financial settlement and we can focus on the future”, says Joost Meijs, general manager of Eindhoven Airport.

“The settlement fits within the provision made by BAM in the fourth quarter of 2017,” says Jaap Hazeleger, director BAM Bouw en Techniek bv. “The rebuilding is progressing well.”

Eindhoven / Bunnik, 2 January 2019

Dutch Safety Board

The Dutch Safety Board did an interesting video (in English) about this entire story. Check it out!

Update 2018: Eindhoven Airport Building Collapse

Eindhoven Airport Building Collapse

Update 2018

The partially collapsed building has now been completely torn down and another, bigger building exactly the same building but without the epic construction fault has been scheduled to be constructed in its place with an estimated completion date around October 2019.

The damage to the partially collapsed building came to about €22,000,000 (About $25 million US dollars). I am glad it is all sorted out now and look forward to seeing what the airport looks like later in 2019.

Blog – Eindhoven Airport Building Collapse


This story has been updated with several new blog posts with new developments.

During the time we spent at the airport there had also been the construction of a new multipurpose building that included several stories of car parking. The building was almost complete and ready to open when a large portion of it suddenly collapsed.

Luckily, the collapse happened on the one day we weren’t there. We had been at the airport every day but one that exact week doing out photo experiments. Thankfully, nobody was injured.