Stardust Otamatones

This is a cover of Stardust Memories by Volker Tripp aka Jester of the demo group Sanity. The lead melody has been muted and instead performed by a swathe of ludicrous Otamatones, behold the Otamatone orchestra!

Originally released into the wild circa 2011.

Gravity Assist

Visuals recorded, composited, drawn and rendered solely with the very finite resources of an iPhone 5s using a very early version of Luma Fusion.

Renoise Swan-song

The music itself fits into a 64k executable because its only 4.7k! Created in Renoise with Clinkster synthesizer and home brew synth patches. This would become my last track ever composed on a conventional PC. The iPhone itself had now become the most powerful device in my possession. RIP.

You can download the exe from

We’re Fucking 3LN!


This demo came 2nd in the wildcard demo compo at The Ultimate Meeting, screened in Germany over the Christmas period of 2011. Behold it in all of its majesty. You won’t know what hit you until its all over. 👀

A NSFW Sweary Song about a collective only associated by length of their name.

The 3 letter nickname brigade presents:

Synthpop extravaganza, crafted in Renoise and coded in PHP by m0d aka RedHeat 👀 Yep 🤮