Release meeeeeee!

If you aren’t up to speed, something is happening at NASA JPL which involves something which requires release forms to be signed to waiver any rights issues- giving the production company permission to use the assets I made for Juno Processing Gallery from Juno photographic imagery.
What assets? You can have a look at my contributions on the NASA Juno Processing Gallery of “Wintje”

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What’s the difference…

Between a meteoroid, meteor and meteorite? Juleah explains. This is a friend of mine, a member of the Space Pants Squad, and an amazing space-wear designer. Juleah is incredibly hard working, funny, energetic & quirky. YouTube channel My favourite things about Jupiter Those being Juleah’s favourites 😀

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Oh my gosh, that’s old.

Three albums released on one day, 3-3. COME ON Yeah! Like, way past 7 hours plus if you add all 5 Up together. Http:// I decided to post the other of the two “misprints” to my old CB radio buddy, now both qualified radio hams. We’ve been on air an awfully long time, though I […]

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