The Escape from Marwinia

Studio Notes A hop, skip and jump, falling, fighting, victories, frights, revelations, reconciliation and ultimate involuntary sacrifice to the madness of the sentient forest. Originally composed in 2005 and recorded while performed from a combination of orchestral and electronic instruments, the evocative soundtrack whisks the listener on a journey across a bizarre twisted world where […]

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Studio Notes A peaceful, serene and adventurous piece. Driving late night, early morning. Heading from the city, lights flashing by… out to the country. Cruising on the narrow country roads up to the top of a hill to watch the sunrise. Now this is the phase [2002-2004 retrospect] which I’m really enjoying my music. I […]

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Studio Notes Retrospective is somewhat of a mega journey through a lot of ‘scenes’. Based loosely on my past work, I’ve bought to you and up-to-date epic using the music. Flowing through serene complex movements before throwing itself into something a little more paced and tense. I hope you enjoy the relaxing interludes, retro-synths, and […]

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Studio Notes This piece is an adventurous journey through some quite uplifting and ‘unusual’ combinations of orchestral instrumentation and world fusion. The main part is focused around some oriental style melodies with a modern backdrop. The other parts are considerably different as with a lot of my music a lot of contrasting sequences are put […]

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