X My Pi (Album)

Commodore Amiga Chiptunes + Bonus Track Pages Studio Notes A collection of bouncy short but sweet chip-tunes composed on and recorded from on the Commodore Amiga 1200. AHX format. Original unofficial release 2006. Remastered with fully re-recorded material directly from a real Commodore Amiga, composed in AHX Tracker. Audio post production and file encoding done […]

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Sci-Fi Pi-based Commodore Amiga Chiptune from X-My-Pi chip compilation. First out the door with: Piebotica by RedHeat

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The Red One

Music Video Studio Notes A short revisit to Protracker after 15 or so years after setting up the old Amiga in the attic for a bit of fun. This piece is all over the place having a little fiddle with all the different effects commands that I could remember. Equipment used Artwork

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Cute October

Music Video Studio Notes The first track out of the Amiga after setting it up for a bit of a nostalgia trip back in 2003, the Amiga 1200 set up in a tiny corner of the attic. This track was just familiarizing with Protracker as it had been at least 15 years since the last […]

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Studio Notes Another of the 2003 nostalgia trip tracker revisits, even I don’t know whats going on here with this. I think it was randomly collected/loaded samples and just went with the flow. Equipment used: Artwork

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Wild Perspective

Music Video Studio Notes Wild Perspective is a New Age style progressive instrumental composed on the Commodore Amiga 500+ 4 channel 8bit digital studio, together with custom artwork I had a copy of Protracker 3.15b but no documentation so I had no idea how to use it other than opening up other modules that were […]

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