It does not belong Music Video Studio Notes The track that placed first in the Sunrise 2011 music compo at Luton, UK. The video is showing what Renoise looks like prior to channel-grouping being fully implemented by the Renoise developer. Bells After Sundown would be the track that demonstrated the genuine need for it, followed by Tales […]

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Quantum of Arse

Studio Notes Quantum of Arse was intended as a humorous compo-filler track for Outline Demoparty during the 2010 season. The track was submitted under a false name ”Kabouter Bond” in reference to the James Bond movie ”Quantum of Solace” mixed with a reference to Kabouter Wesley, the angry gnome popular on Dutch television short-feature series […]

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Shooter Boss Reloaded

It went on a rampage Studio Notes Newschool / Streaming Music 1 Stu – “Earth (Original Version Stereo Mix)” (119) 2 Response/Darklite – “Retrocession” (115) 3 m0d – “Shooter Boss Reloaded” (111) 4 Spexzter/Darklite – “I’m going to be” (103) 5 Cosmiq / Inque – “Club Epoch” (102) 6 EatMe – “Meow” (100) 7 The […]

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