Sudden Uplift

Studio Notes

This tune is big. It starts out quiet, slowly building up pace and texture, then it shoots though the roof with an awesome piano ending. If you like to be motivated and you kinda tired, then play this tune and it will surely pick you up. This is the first tune I composed using my ESI Sampler unit and XP synth combined.

Original release note,, 2000.

Equipment used

  • Roland XP 60 Synthesizer
  • ESI 4000T Digital Sampler
  • Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
  • Performed By: Redheat
  • Album UPC: See Outer Circle
  • Label: Redheat
  • Released: February 2000
  • ISRC:
  • Year: 2000
  • Genres: Symphonic Electronica, New Age


Sudden Uplift

by Wintje+ai


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