Outer Circle

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The entire Cd is composed of enticing beats which stir the blood to a sort of calm excitement to which you can resist neither getting up and dancing nor falling upon your knees with your eyes closed becoming wrapped up in euphoric music. The CD flows together as though the whole thing were one complete song which would be incomplete without any one component. From the “Oh God this beat is from heaven” of Sudden Uplift to the “i could fall asleep forever in this” of Interlude part 2 the CD “Outer Circle” almost never fails to please.

Pros – Most of the music flows together naturally into the next song.

Cons – there were only two songs which were not totally up to par. the two interludes fit less with the others than usually but that can be expected from interludes.

Reviewed by Leo Staley on 5-jan-2002

Cover Art

CD Insert Transcript

I’m a one man band and have been writing music for about 2-3 years now. Although most of my early stuff was pretty dreadful I hope you find the music on this CD more enjoyable!

The styles I mainly compose vary to and fro and usually reflect the mood I am in while composing. Some are pretty relaxing, others more upbeat and some will bite your head off! If you’re looking for specific genres then I will list them below but bear in mind that ‘my style’ tends to cross several genres at the same timeā€¦.

Genres: Symphonic Electronica, Orchestral, Ambient, Melodic Trance & and small bit of dance. If you check my Archive site (oldstuff.red-heat.com) you’ll probably find other genres I experimented with some time ago which included World and Folk.

Track list

1. Interlude, Pt. 1

2. Outer Circle

3. Elliptical

4. Sudden Uplift

5. State of the Mind

6. See Que

7. The Chocobo Ride

8. Moving!

9. Interlude, Pt. 2

10. Another Time

11. The Summit

12. Time Out

Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC: 194171469183

Label: Sonic Soundscapes

Released: 2002-01-01

Year: 2002

Genres: Electronic: Electronica, New Age: New Age