Space Pen*s

Rather than spoil the story execution, there is a video of the production being shown at the event it was sent to. This includes the crowd’s reaction. Please note that this production contains rapid bright flashing images, and loud screams.

The original video is available here (NSFW).

Live at Tum2011

Studio Notes

Okay, first of all- there is a serious message in this production, however perhaps overshadowed by the fact the overwhelming majority of this entire production is a massive shit-post contributed into the Wildcard competition at The Ultimate Meeting 2011 (tUM2011).

This is a party fun production that contains explicit content as well as disturbing imagery of an immature nature. If you are still going to watch or listen to it then that’s your own responsibility.

The Storyboard

The production began in the #3LN IRC channel on IRCnet at the end of November 2011. The concept conveyed via a very basic story board. This would be included in the production at the very end during the ”credit roll”.

It was 1957, an interstellar object had just been detected out by Mars and it was on collision course with Earth.

Governments scrambled in secret to determine the precise origin of the object.

Six months passed with covert eyes carefully watching the object approaching object, when it suddenly burst into life emitting powerful emissions towards Earth.

Due to offensive nature of the emission interfering with many radio hobbyists, it was deemed a threat that must be destroyed. The Russians were first to launch, equipping a Soyuz with the necessary munitions.

The mission would go on to succeeded in stopping the powerful signal generator, as most of the object was vaporised.

However a large segment of the object remained in orbit, scattered amongst the remaining space-debris.

Visible from Earth with the naked eye, the cover story of Sputnik was hurriedly broadcast by the Russian state television to quell any public concern and prevent an all-out panic.

The news of the Russian’s accomplishment of having launched a working satellite quickly picked up momentum and spread wide across the world.

The events that unfurled from this point would punctuate the very beginning of the space race.

As the object approached Earth it emitted dangerously powerful sweeping scan signals.

The sound of these signals have been recorded and embedded within the production, although noisy, the signals can be decoded with a slow scan TV decoder.

3D models and props

Space Post Shoot

While the production contains some 3D assets, these were created by several members of the the 3LN IRC channel as a favour, because I had no skills or practical knowledge of how to do anything in 3D.

Several different designs of the object came to me and I just had to use all of them.

Meanwhile, for some parts of the visuals I had to construct a physical 3D model to use as a film prop for scenes using the Playstation 3’s Earth view screensaver for the backdrop.

Equipment used

  • Renoise 2.8
  • Adobe Premier
  • Playstation 3 Screensaver
  • Tin Foil
  • Kitchen Paper Towel Roll
  • Several Large Christmas Baubles
  • Drinking Straws
  • Blender 3D (used by the contributors)
  • Performed By: Redheat (aka scene-handle: m0d)
  • Album UPC: n/a
  • Label: m0d
  • Released: December 2011
  • ISRC: n/a
  • Year: 2011
  • Genres: Gabba, Hardstyle, Orchestral Pop.
The Renoise Studio Setup
The Renoise Studio Setup


Space Pen*s

by Wintje+ai


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