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Studio Notes

The track that placed first in the Sunrise 2011 music compo at Luton, UK. The video is showing what Renoise looks like prior to channel-grouping being fully implemented by the Renoise developer. Bells After Sundown would be the track that demonstrated the genuine need for it, followed by Tales from the Bell Tower that fully utilised the newly added feature.

The initial cover artwork features a stereogram projecting a bump around one of masks in front of Jupiter, to the side of this is a projected image of NASA’s Juno spacecraft. To be able to see this image, stare at it until you see 5 heads clearly instead of the 4 that are visible while focused on the image.

404 features vocals performed by myself to the 2001 Space Odyssey theme. The recording originates from one of several short audio-based 404-error messages (page not found) that I would frequently swap in place of my actual MP3 downloads while my website was hit with Russian-bot MP3 scrapers. This was back when website hosting had a very strict download bandwidth quota.

A full view of the internal workings of the production is shown in a demonstration video.

The 404 track is included on the Not Safe for Life compilation album available on all platforms as of 1st April 2022.

Equipment Used

  • Renoise 2.6 DAW
  • Intel i7 PC
  • Performed By: Redheat
  • Album UPC: n/a
  • Label: Redheat
  • Released: September 2011
  • ISRC: n/a
  • Year: 2011
  • Genres: Drum & Bass, Orchestral, Chiptune and Electronic
The Renoise Studio Setup
The Renoise Studio Setup



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