Tales from the Bell Tower

Studio Notes

Tales from the Bell Tower was composed in a single week after release from a long term hospital stay of several months. The track was scheduled to be on a Sounds of Scenesat volume however it was not, due to the release date for SceneSat’s compilation being pushed back much further than desired.

Tales from the Bell Tower instead released during a live radio show from the demoscene event Evoke 2012.

Tales from the Bell Tower would be the last significant release that would happen for a number of years, notably the biggest contributing factor being the loss of the ability to play piano and spend prolonged periods of time on computer keyboards.

This would usher in an era where all music production once again shifted to another paradigm. After switching to Renoise from the home studio, this next shift would be leaving the PC studio for a mobile device- an iPad, and boy that story is to be continued!

The original artwork was created upon request by the wonderful artist known in the demoscene as Fuith.

Equipment used

  • Renoise 2.6.1 with various VSTi instruments
  • Intel i7 860 2.8GHz PC
  • Performed By: Redheat
  • Album UPC: TBA
  • Label: Redheat
  • Released: August 2012
  • Year: 2012
  • Genres: New Age, Progessive Rock
The Renoise Studio Setup
The Renoise Studio Setup


Tales from the Bell Tower by Fuith

Tales from the Bell Tower


Tales from the Bell Tower by Fuith

Tales from the Bell Tower

by KittyPitty+ai


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