Old Stuff

Not available anywhere else at the moment but that may change in the future as I get through the backlog to sort out. 😎

Track Pages

Track List

  1. Alien Entity – Dance
  2. Circular World – Experimental
  3. Creation – Dance
  4. DaShaka – Hip Hop Electronica
  5. Fluffy Bunny – Strange Dance
  6. GaftYeforb* (Corruption 1) – Experimental
  7. Ice Palace – New Age
  8. Journey – Melodic Dance Adventure
  9. Irish Blood – Celtic Folk New Age
  10. Kinetic Conquest – New Age
  11. Late Night, Early Morning  – Easy Listening
  12. Mixed Feelings – New Age, Symphonic
  13. OldMak – Strange Dance
  14. Perfect Daze – Melodic, Down tempo
  15. QuitVerirate (Corruption 2) – Experimental
  16. Repetitions – Progressive, New Age
  17. Resurrection – Melodic Trance
  18. Revolutionary – Melodic Trance
  19. Roaming* – Generic Ballad
  20. Stronger – Experimental Russian Folk
  21. Techno Tribe II* – Techno
  22. Top of the Bell* – Remix/Tribute
  23. Total Obliteration – Melodic Trance
  24. TranceDance – Trance Dance?!
  25. Universe – Melodic Trance

*= Never released. 

Studio Notes

The majority of this material was made as a teenager back in the 1990s while composing via traditional hand-played and sequenced recordings.

At the time there was not a lot of hardware in the studio- just 1 Roland XP60 keyboard and a PC MIDI interface. Some of the later tracks feature the use of an Emu ESI4000T Sampler that was added to the home studio in 1999.

This collection is here for nostalgia and historical archival more than anything really, therefore it isn’t distributed on any of the major platforms like the other albums (mostly for quality reasons).

Due to the nature of MIDI and realtime playback from the workstation, some of the tracks suffer from MIDI delay, something I was completely oblivious of how to fix at the time. Unfortunately the hardware is no longer available to re-record the originals, and there is also a lack of lossless audio from this period.

Redheat commentary, 2022.

Equipment used

  • Roland XP60 Workstation
  • Intel P233 MMX
  • Soundblaster Live 128
  • Cakewalk Pro Audio
  • Performed By: Redheat
  • Album UPC: n/a
  • ISRC: n/a
  • Label: RedHeat
  • Released: 2022-02-20
  • Year: 1998-2002
  • Genres: Melodic Trance, Melodic Dance, Alternative, Miscellaneous, Experimental



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