Bells After Sundown

Cover Art

Studio Notes

This track was officially released with the Sounds of Scenesat Volume 2 LIVE on on 15th May 2011.

Thank you for stumbling upon this release, you are now listening to the sound of Tubular Bel… no actually not quite!

Vocal was Bren (syphus) unwittingly being part of a compo recording at Sundown 2010, excerpt is from Eve of the War.

This piece was conceived very quickly, I had creative juices flowing in places which had been dry for many many years. I’m quite a musical recluse, so 90% of my influence is from Mike Oldfield, I’m proud to be so heavily influenced and show it. Since he no longer makes music in the style I find attractive, I feel like putting something out there for myself, and here, sure enough is the result…

A major difference for me is that I now feel I have returned (finally) to the point where I was before I switched away from using hardware for composition and sound sources.

This track was composed entirely in Renoise 2.6.1 in the space of about 5 days (if you count time for listening and tweaking). I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did making. Enjoy! 

Distributed on Sounds of Scenesat Vol.2 under alias ”m0d”.

The track is planned to eventually be distributed under the ”RedHeat” name sometime in 2022.

Equipment used:

  • Renoise 2.6.1 with various VSTi instruments
  • Intel i7 860 2.8GHz PC
  • 3D modeling in Shapr3D Beta iOS
  • 3D object arrangement in Verto Studio iOS
  • 3D rendered in Matter iOS
  • Artwork post production in Procreate iOS

Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC:

Label: Scenesat

Released: 15th May 2011


Year: 2011

Genres: New Age, Progressive