The Imagenxer

Studio Notes

Composed back in 2020 and left for dead while other things got in the way of life. The piece is about 6 minutes long and covers a few different genres that ebb and flow between scenes.

Atmospheric, somewhat tongue in cheek with inclusions of traditional orchestral instruments juxtaposed against the lead from the avant garde track Digihastus now mixed with sprites from the melodic electronic dance movement that was popular in the 90s. The trackโ€™s title is a play on โ€œIโ€™m A Gen Xโ€™erโ€ and is an ongoing expansion of a storyline that has been composed entirely out of chronological order, the intention being that all parts will eventually be realized via playlists into one larger significant masterpiece.

Equipment used

  • Composed and produced on an Apple iPad Pro with Garageband.
  • Mastered in Final Touch (iOS) – Unfortunately no longer supported on iOS 16. This has caused some considerable problems for the process and remains a stumbling block for future releases that were supposed to be made this way.

The Imagenxer

by Wintje+ai


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