Trancedance (2020)

Trancedance is a remake of a very early melodic dance music composition it is a cheesy fun track with a catchy Japanese inspired melody.

Music Video

Studio Notes

Trancedance 2020 is a remake from the original 1998 MIDI file, but without the serial timing errors that crept into it during realtime playback. Substantially different due to totally different synthesizers used (except for the drum machine), this version incorporates some phase modulation to simulate the music traveling across a great distance via shortwave multi-path propagation.

Equipment used

  • Composed and produced on an Apple iPad Pro with Garageband (stock).
  • Mastered in Final Touch iOS

In memory of Merlin 🐱

The binary message just says β€œcat”. The video and track remake are a memorial to Merlin, a shelter cat that was only with us for a short time before crossing the rainbow bridge.


Trancedance (2020)

by Wintje+ai


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