The Escape from Marwinia

Studio Notes

A hop, skip and jump, falling, fighting, victories, frights, revelations, reconciliation and ultimate involuntary sacrifice to the madness of the sentient forest.

Originally composed in 2005 and recorded while performed from a combination of orchestral and electronic instruments, the evocative soundtrack whisks the listener on a journey across a bizarre twisted world where fantasy meets a crazed glimpse into the mind and life experiences of the artist.

2005 was an uninspiring year, therefore nothing happened at all. Music took a sideline while life engaged and it’s been pretty much like that up until now. At time of writing this column I’ve just released “Escape from Marwinia”, it’s not my best piece but it is again a dabble in a genre I often avoid trying to do. Being more of a re-acquaintance with composing than an actual emotional experience, I found it quite enjoyable to compose.

September 4th 2005 notes posted on

Equipment used

  • Roland XP60 Workstation
  • Korg Z1 Synth
  • Korg Triton Classic Workstation
  • Nord Rack I Synth
  • Emu ESI4000 Turbo Sampler
  • Mackie 1604 VLZ PRO Mixer
  • Emagic AMT8 MIDI Patchbay
  • Lexicon MPX 100 Digital Processor
  • PC 933Mhz Celeron 1GB
  • Terratec EWX 24/96 Soundcard


The Escape from Marwinia

by KittyPitty+ai


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