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Distant Lands

I’m listening to your song Distant Lands : Beautiful! Piano with a “transparent” harp, lovely synth-pad and that voice… Wow! Please tell me it’s a sample or I’ll question my synths…..

It must be from your EMU. I like the progression in the song! And the twist at 2:12 is very good! I only think it’s a shame there’s a house-beat coming in.

This song really stands out of the rest because of the beautiful guitar (clever; panning it from left to right almost makes it sound like a real one), a nice bass-line and incredible pan-flutes.

The tubular bell at 3:48 shouts “Mike Oldfield” straight away :-). And then the song becomes more calm and symphonic again. Very nice song!!!

Reviewed by Mike Andrews on 17-oct-2001