Lisa from HMC –

Crying Out

The listener is captured already from the very first bar in this mellow ambient piece. From the tingling of the cymbal to fade-out of the harmonious melody Crying out is nothing but pure beauty.

Actually beauty is the wrong word for it; there’s really nothing interesting about such a feature. This song however is very intriguing. It contains all the proper ingredients for a good song and then some to add on to the spiciness.

The various parts of the songs all form a fascinating unity of harmony and musical tenderness. A steady rhythm in the background functions as a base for the melodious elements: a piano taking turns playing the melody and chords synth sounds and an Indian (?) male voice – which reminds me of Deep Forest’s folk meets electronica-type of style.

Perhaps the rhythm could’ve been a bit more adventurous instead of going at a regular pace although out the song. On the other hand there are so many other things going on that this is barely noticeable if you don’t listen very critically.

The greatest flaw in this piece is its durability or should I say: lack of durability. To get the proper feeling for such a freeflowing song like Crying out you’d have to hit the ”repeat”-button since the song itself is so short!

New age can never be properly appreciated in merely 3 minutes and 21 seconds. Don’t be afraid to take your time in conveying the message of this high-spirited mystical piece of music. 

Reviewed by Lisa from HMC on 17-oct-2001