Christofori – Modarchive


This tune’s got some great use of chord progressions, and some interesting ideas. The different sections of the piece really fit well together, and it keeps you guessing as to where it will go next. It’s got a good amount of energy, and has enough to keep the listener interested throughout. While it’s put together pretty well (for a 4-chan MOD), I can’t help but get the feeling that the artist felt somewhat limited or restricted by having to use just the four channels (at least in a few places). The samples in this one sound good considering the time/genre of this tune, and it’s got a great breakbeat/groove backing it up about all the way through. Pretty good one!

Technically, the tune’s good (again, considering the time it was made, and how it was made, etc). There is a good understanding of effects and their use. There only seems to be one note in the bass that I can’t quite figure out; sometimes (like in pattern 8, row 16, for example) it just hits a note that doesn’t fit; I’m not sure if this is an intentional note, or perhaps a mistake. Either way, though, the tune’s got some great moments, and gives me a great feeling of nostalgia. It’s not the “best” 4-channel MOD out there, folks, but it’s still pretty good, and well worth the download. 

Christofori, Mon 28th Jul 2003, rated 7 / 10