Travelling Light


A change of pace and creative direction- having suffered an extremely painful life experience it was imperative to get back outside and used to being around people again, so this is became an ideal therapy project- attempts at some iPhone photographic artwork inspired by light, jet turbines and the smell of kerosine in the darkness of the local airport.

Here are some of the images created through the use of NightCap Pro, some are unaltered and some are multiple exposures stacked on top of one another in order to keep the light levels low enough to prevent bleed-over.

The Panorama Terrace view at Eindhoven Airport is astonishingly beautiful especially at sunset- the terminal has been purposefully built in position so that the sunlight illuminates the entire inside of the building in golden hues as the sun sets.

The terrace was very pleasant place to sit with a beer and watch the aeroplanes land and take off, with a head-on view of nearly all of the gates with gate S2 being directly front and centre. Unfortunately after a recent rebuild of the panorama area, this particular location isn’t as good as it used to be for viewing, however the facilities have vastly improved and we always look forward to travelling through Eindhoven Airport, as its “Always Easy”. 😉

  • Ghostly Disembark
  • Eindhoven Airport 2016
  • Eindhoven Airport 2016
  • Sunset Panorama
  • Picture of a Starbucks named Red, with a majestic Sunset faded into greyscale while on the Panorama Terrace
  • Light Tunnel
  • The phone set up on a tripod overlooking the airport gates from the panorama terrace
  • Ominous swollen clouds illuminated by bright purple lightning flashes approaching the airport from the main entrance.
  • S2 Arrivals
  • Picture of a gas tanker filling an aero plane with all of the light trails from vehicles that moved around it etched into the photograph.
  • We Have Arrived
  • Aircraft being directed with glowing batons in the dark to its Parking space
  • An arrival in a heavily fogged airport, the window in front of the camera not really helping either with visibility but it worked out for a mysterious effect with the lighting.
  • A composite of the streetlight’s light trails leading up to the airport and one of the aircraft standing at a gate
  • Wintje Was Here

High Lights

Although faint, just a little to the left of the main aircraft streak into the sky with are star trails left by the rotation of the Earth as we waited for the last aircraft to leave the airport that night. Wingtip lights creating continuous lines producing the green and red stripes in parallel. The car headlights of nearby Spottersweg visitors illuminated the grass in front of us. Catching the taxing aircraft as well as one taking off flying towards us and going directly above our heads.

The large bulbs of white light are the aircraft landing lights flaring in our direction.

Yellow sodium lights stake out a major part of the picture dominating the skyline during the journey home, along with the occasional but ever present rear lights of cars in front and passing. The front headlights of oncoming traffic creating the patch of bright gold on the left hand side.

Scattered blue lights illuminate the roadways directly around Eindhoven Airport – soaking the area in a piercing signature blue- are an architectural lighting design installed in part recognition of the contributions and accomplishments of the Eindhoven based lightbulb factory of Dutch electronics company Phillips. Eindhoven is also home to the GLOW festival, and event celebrating and demonstrating art installations made of light.

The entire composition is the result of a couple of captures taken and then layered totalling about an hour, it was necessary to do layering in multiple exposures due to the overexposure failures of previous attempts.

It was a cool experiment with some pleasing results!