Quite a few friendly e-mails and letters have been posted to me over the years, unfortunately the various forums and guestbooks they were posted on are sadly long gone. Recognising that the writers of the letters put substantial effort in to making contact, I have posted them up here in the hopes that the original writers may some day see that their letters really did stay with me. I am still scraping old backups for more of them, so I hope we will see this page grow. If you would like to send a letter, look no further 🙂

I have only one word to describe your music, “Excellent”

You are one of the best and the most respected artists in my life along with Sayer, Bassic, Ambience, Johannes Roussel and a few others. The very first time I heard your music a few years back on the MP3.com I was immidiately hooked and I couldn’t stop listenening to it and I still listen to it. Your music inspired me to find your web site. I specifically registered to this forum just to say a BIG THANK YOU and to let you know that there are fans out there that enjoy your music and not to give up. I think you are a true talent and one of the best artists out there. My self just like many others in the world love new age, ambient and electronic music. You are one of the BEST artists in the world. THANK YOU. I can’t believe how beautiful your music is, how beautiful it sounds and how relaxing it is, it’s like a dream. I have run out of words 🙂 If I was to rank your music 1 out of 10, I’d choose and unlimited score if there was such an option or simply unjudgible because it is so beautiful it’s too beautiful to be judged. You are trully one of the best artists out there. You and the ones mentioned above are my favorite and the BEST in the WORLD. Well done!

And just in case some of the above artists reads this, I have pretty much the same opinions for all of you.

Posted on the Redheat forums

Hi Greg, I’ve only been with MP3 for just under 2 weeks and when Clifton Bryant added our songs to his station, I saw your song and checked it out; I see you’re doing very well on here and congrats! to you- I just wanted to let ya’ know, I really like the “Kyria” song of yours, love the synth. arrangement over-all and the flte parts are very attractive 😀

Keep up the fantastic work and I’ll try to get time to check out the rest of your material ( something tells me i’m really going to like your other songs as well ) 🙂 I did have 1 problem with the “Kyria” song however…The problem was that I’d heard it once on Clifton’s station and then reviewed the other artists, came back to your song to remind mewhich one it was and I wanted to stop playing it so I could email you about it…but, the song was too good to stop, so I added it to my My.Mp3 account thing after listening all the way through to the end again. ..very tasty work please keep it up! 😀

http://www.mp3.com/justina Justina by e-mail.

Greetings Friends!
All I wanted to say is that I’ve never heard music that centerd my spirit in such a way.
This is awsome stuff here, and as an aspiring music artist, I can honestly say I now have a role modle in the music feild. Red Heat. Thanks for being such an inspiration online and in life.
Jarred c. Hayda

Jarred c. Hayda by e-mail.

Well, let me say that you will have a die hard follower if I keep finding jewels on your site like I just listened to. Retrospective was AWESOME.

I’ve had a problem my all time favorite “electronic” group is/was/shall be Galbatron(.com) they’re the ones that introduced me to Symphonic Electronica.
I didn’t know it was it’s own genre (I thought it was something they called it themselves to make it sound cool hehe, a little off I am).

So I started a quest today to find a matching artist that could both entice me, and keep my attention (if I can’t listen say to myself “wow, this is keeping me interested” like a lot of the parts in the aforementioned song) then I’m a die-hard.
I just started Red Reflections and so far the intro is very nice but I won’t keep adding to an already long note I take music seriously, I just wish I could write/perform it to keep myself entertained.
So here’s to hoping you’re the answers to my music-prayers!

Colorado Springs, CO by e-mail.

I’ve listening to your music and must say it is simply cool. It remembers a lot Mike Oldfield last CD’s. It seems you are an Oldfield fan. I love Oldfield’s music too, specially first recordings, when he produced music alone. I hope Mike will improve music
quality in the near future, because last “X Bells” sequence was a little bit weird. “Tubular Bells” has been a reference to identify Oldfield’s style, but I thing he is exceeding in the melody exploitation. Mike is more than a little bells repetitive sequence.
Anyway, I like your work very much, because extracts the better modern face of Mike Oldfield but preserving that original old style. And the quality of your sound is very high.
Thanks for your music,

Juanma. (JM) via e-mail.

bonjour, j’ai decouvert ta musique par hasard grace a CTGMusic et je suisravi , ta musique est vraiment formidable.ta musique est aussi belle que du Medwyn Goodall,Oliver Shantiou Mike Oldfield ( ton Mentor). Si j’avais le bonheur d’avoir un travail (sans depuis 3 ans) je t’offrirais une contribution car vraiment tu le merite. Pourquoi ne propose tu pas ta musique a Medwyn Goodall car il cherche des nouveaux artistes sous son nouveau label MG Music d’ailleurs Terry Oldfield,Asha et d’autres en font parti. J’espere que tu comprendra mon français car je ne parle pas ta langue.salutations


Gilbert via e-mail, France

I recently stumbled on your music on ctgmusic.com, and I’m very impressed. 

The songs sound very professional and are exactly to my music taste.

As the songs are otherwise so great, I’d like to suggest grouping the music into albums.  I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not (there is no grouping evident on your home page), but for instance the songs in the collection “Serious Stuff” on your CTG page work really well together and form a full hour’s album.  You should create a few other “albums” from your other productions, so it would be easier to find the music that fits to one’s taste.  It’s also much nicer to listen to albums of songs fitting together than a random playlist.

A few pieces I’d love to see in some collection are for example Retrospective Mix, Echoes of the Past and Abstract Landscape.  Some of your works also cry out for a continuation of the theme, and many of the 

Abandond Works would’ve fooled me as a final product.  🙂 I’d really like to make a small donation for all the great music I’ve received from your site.  However, I deeply mistrust Paypal, and want nothing to do with it if possible.  According to the CTG page you are from the UK, so it would be possible for me to make a direct bank transfer if you could provide me with your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the bank’s BIC/SWIFT-code.  Of course, I fully understand if you’re hesitant of sending this information.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Sampo Niskanen via e-mail

Herr Tuby,

You probably do not remember me, but I used to chat with you on your old website which had a chat room built-in. I’ve been thinking of yourself and your music for a while but have only had time to go to your site as of late. I’m excited to see that your catalogue is still available and look forward to going through this new directory MP3 listing which you’ve set-up.

I’m fine and continue to move strongly through the music conundrum at present. Let me know what goes and I’ll let you know what’s going on as well.

Respectfully & Sincerely,

Ss via e-mail

My god…. i have been looked for this website for a long time, u know dude, i love you ,man!! just like your music… you music is really impressed me! especially the one called kyria!! my god… sounds like a angel music, and like japanese music, haha… it is fantastic!!! i think i am may be the first chinese guy here, but anyway… i love your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A chinese guy who loves your music very much! Jiahui Gan!!!

Jiahui Gan, China posted on the Redheat forums

Sudden Uplift… Each time I hear it I think about you, and I wonder if you finally manage to continue writing great pieces of music.
This time I had to come on your website to get news, unfortunately you seem to be still be occupied by other stuff than music. I hope you’re getting well, and pray for hearing new songs from you 🙂
I’m sure your inspiration will come back (or has it already?), this day I’ll be happy to hear your new tunes 😉
Sorry for the bad english 😛
Cheers from France,

Ketal, posted on the Redheat forums.

hangs head in shame
I LOOOOOOOVE the meow meow meow song. Why? I own 3 cats (4 I think at the time I got this song, I can’t recall) and when I first played it they all came out of hiding and did kitty-like things in the kitchen to the music. Then when it stopped they all left. 8)

posted on the Redheat forums.

Just a quick note to thank you for your music. I have enjoyed listening to you and yours for a number of years – my son gave me some of your earlier stuff, and have collected ever since!
I guess I was born 20 odd years too soon, as it embarasses him that I enjoy your music!

The compliments to you are well deserved – I can hear the influences you mention in your work. Add some of Elton John in there maybe?(Funeral for a friend)

Are you familiar with the work of an Italian guy called Ecliptic? There is a collective of great electronic musicians over there, his stuff is also excellent. I could send you some if you are interested.

Keep up the great work, and continue the tradition of musical excellence from the Midlands!
Cheers, Mick

Mick by e-mail

I came across your music as I was looking into Tom Aragon’s area. I am a very big fan of his. Listening to your music, I have to commend you. I very much enjoyed a number of the tunes and of course, downloaded. Thank you.
Keep up the good work. I will re-visit often.

Rain by e-mail.

Hey, found my way here from Manic’s you can be a star station, can’t get that page to load, so I thought I’d just post my comments to you instead.
Listened to the first 6 or 7 tracks on your page so far.
My personal favorite so far is red reflections. It has mildly sinister feel to it, sets a great mood. Definately the most unique of the first bunch (boy you have a lot of songs) I know I’ve listened to you before, but I can’t figure out which track it was. Thanks for putting me in relaxed mood for the day!

Preston via e-mail.

I have since been on and downloaded everything possible
nearly every time I am on my computer now!!
Keep up the good work

Tracy via Guestbook

Thanks! Your Time Out is really a fantastic piece of music! I love the sound of piano! just can’t stop listening to it, no matter what I
Keep up good work!

Centii via e-mail, Finland.

…I was listening to your music (again), and I just wanted to send

you a note again to tell you how much I love and enjoy and appreciate your music.  It is wonderful and fun to listen to.    With regard to your ‘personal bests’ list, I think that Sudden Uplift should probably be added….it really is quite brilliant;  a fine song that builds and builds, with great drama and wonderful nuances. thanks again for your sharing of yourself in your music.

David Viets by e-mail

I just listened to Red Reflections on Equiums Station and i swear it is the most beautiful piece of music ive ever heard. i personally write down tempo stuff like this obviously not the same quality but my mates slate me for it but this tune of yours has gotten to me. Would it be ok to include it on my station?
Just wanted to say. Thanx

p.s I noticed a tune called chocobo run,

I take it your into your final fantasys too, where do you think i got my name from 😉

cloud8971 via e-mail.

Hello! You probably don’t remember, but years and years ago you let a MUD I played use your music as sort of their “theme.” Naturally I had to download a lot of it since it was so good, and I think I may have sent you an e-mail about it (again, years back!).

Anyway, I was browsing through my music collection, saw the songs there, and I had an idea. Have you ever heard of The Sixty One by any chance? Basically, it’s a site where artists upload music and listeners use points to “bump” the music they like, giving the song and artist more prominence on the site (and more points to other people who’ve bumped it). I’ve been binging on this site for weeks now, and I think you’d fit right in there. 🙂

And that’s about it, really. Sorry if this comes across as spam; just struck me as a really good idea. Either way, I’m glad to see you’re still making music. I’ll make sure to check it out! And if you do end up joining The Sixty One, drop a message on Serin’s wall. I’ll bump the crap out of your stuff. 🙂

Ryan via e-mail

I was directed here a while ago via a graphical MUD called Land of Karchan, in which Echoes of the Past was playing. I must say, I was honestly surprised at how quickly I fell in love with these songs.

I now have a small batch downloaded that I play in the background while working or studying, and they have a very calming effect. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work, and I hope to direct many more people here so they may enjoy it, also. Thanks for contributing something so unique and enchanting to the Internet!

Ryan via e-mail