Packet Radio Articles

Welcome to Red PE1RRR’s Packet Radio Blog. Articles, tutorials, videos and packet radio software configuration recipes all live here. These documents are of a technical nature and are intended to assist with connecting to the amateur packet radio network. Each section is an area with further articles attached.

  • BPQ Technicals

    Uncommon knowledge, tricks and tips and new/undocumented features for BPQ32/LinBPQ

  • Mail Routing

    Information for determining hierarchal routing addresses

  • Node Traffic

    Live Traffic Graphs of PE1RRR Node

  • Presentations

    Some of PE1RRR’s Experiments

  • QRG

    Where to find and how to join in with our digital activity on the ham bands

  • QtSoundModem

    The multiplatform port of UZ7HO’s soundmodem with added capabilities, ported by G8BPQ.

  • QtTermTCP

    The multiplatform modern packet radio terminal solution for many types of TNC as well as added capabilities for BPQ32 node integration.


    Articles aimed towards VARA, ARDOP, FreeDATA and other session-based TNCs

  • WW Converse

    The Linux Worldwide Converse server application, similar to IRC.

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