La La La!

You know redheat, maybe you should consider doing songs like this for the mobile phone companies? think of the cash! All kidding aside, you always manage to crack me up with these nutty songs! Wow.. This song is really fun to listen. Even tho it’s not my style. Technically this song is really good. The […]

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Time Out

Studio Notes Finally – The completed version! Time Out has to be one of the most uplifting symphonic electronica songs I have written so far, it’s beginning is very slow and quite abstractly put together, but you’ll soon find that about 1 minute in you’re in for some action. If you like piano pop then […]

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Studio Notes Retrospective is somewhat of a mega journey through a lot of ‘scenes’. Based loosely on my past work, I’ve bought to you and up-to-date epic using the music. Flowing through serene complex movements before throwing itself into something a little more paced and tense. I hope you enjoy the relaxing interludes, retro-synths, and […]

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