X My Pi (Album)

Commodore Amiga Chiptunes + Bonus

Track Pages

Studio Notes

A collection of bouncy short but sweet chip-tunes composed on and recorded from on the Commodore Amiga 1200. AHX format. Original unofficial release 2006.

Remastered with fully re-recorded material directly from a real Commodore Amiga, composed in AHX Tracker.

Audio post production and file encoding done on a Raspberry Pi4.

Many of these tunes exploit bugs (out of bounds parameters) to cause some glitch effects. Naturally, emulators/PC-playback routines didn’t anticipate this and summarily crashed to pieces when these chip-tunes were first released.

If you have a fairly up-to-date copy of XMPlay with the hivelytracker-ahx plugin, you should be golden to play the original source files.

An updated version of AHX for high-end Amigas, supporting up to 16 channels of AHX synthesis- Hivelytracker. Compatible with AHX and has its own format (HVL) for advanced synthesis such as ring-modulation.

Equipment used

  • Commodore Amiga 500+
  • Commodore Amiga 1200/030
  • M-Audio FastTrack Pro USB Audio Interface
  • Raspberry Pi4 (just for the post-production mastering)
  • Performed By: Redheat
  • Album UPC: 195999515199
  • Label: Redheat
  • Released: 2021-02-01
  • Year: 2021
  • Genres: Electronic: Chiptune, Electronic: Folktronic
  • Moods: Mood: Upbeat


X My Pi (Album)

by RRR


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