MultiVerser Iteration 2023


MultiVerser Iteration 2023



MultiVerser Iteration 2023



MultiVerser Iteration 2023



You are alone at a local airport, it’s past 11PM and all the flights are in for the night. Its dark. While sweeping up the taxiway for the next morning, there’s a fluctuation of ambient light before a bright vertical portal apparition spirals open above the end of the runway, tentatively curious yet frightened, the opening resolves exactly where the usual busy airplanes would normally be touching down to land.

An anomalous messenger appears before you with sparkling radiation patterns generating what appears to be an impossible structure behind them. You don’t know how but you realize that the faceless traveller is you, and they have a message but speak no word.

Patterning cells around the portal resonate in the charged air, creating harmonics that resonate within the bones of your body, bestowing the presence of an intelligence, you can feel it linking into your mind and expanding.

You now have the Future Sight.


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