Gravity Assist

Space Opera in 4,7 Kilobytes

Music Video

Executable Music

The runnable file is in the ZIP-archive of executable music attached below.

Due to the use of highly efficient but CPU intensive compression mechanisms, some of the demoscene tools used to make these files has been co-opted by evil virus writers. Therefore executable music downloaded frequently triggers anti-virus software.

Executable tracks take some time to pre-calculate so depending on the spec of your PC expect to wait around 3-5 minutes after launching before audio commences. Some of these will also run under Wine for Linux.

I have managed to run it on a Raspberry Pi4 using Wine within box86 emulator, takes about 10 minutes to render.

DISCLAIMER: At your own risk.

Studio Notes

The music itself fits into a 64k executable because its only 4.7k! Created in Renoise with Clinkster synthesizer and home brew synth patches. This would become my last track ever composed on a conventional PC. The iPhone itself had now become the most powerful device in my possession. RIP.

Equipment used

  • Renoise 2.6 for the underlying track “Gravity Assist”
  • Clinkster VSTi & companion binary compiler by blueberry of Loonies
  • Intel i7 860 PC at 2.8 GHz
  • Video composite in Luma Fusion iOS (See Gravity Assist)
  • Underliying Jupiter composition art on the cover art has been created from NASA Juno pictures from Perjove 4 on an iPhone 5s, this one was featured in the documentary.
  • Cover Art: Composited Juno spacecraft model by NASA, rendered in Matter iOS, iPhone 5s.
The Renoise Studio Setup
The Renoise Studio Setup

Scenesat Scrolltext

Since this was made as a thank you to those that push the technological progress ever forwards, to me it made sense to include the scene in that celebration as well, as I would not have been able to overcome self doubt and actually use the skills I developed (and still am) without the strength, will and the sheer monstrously sized sweaty balls of the demoscene dangling between our collective legs.

I miss you, I want to see you all again sometime and hope that the future brings us together again for some seriously crispy (night) bacon.

Until then, this is PE1RRR^BPQ (hi hi), m0d^3LN/RedHeat signing off.

P.S Sil/KittyPitty (Ilona-Ruby) is still the most amazing woman in my universe x X X x X x

NFO file released with Sounds of Scenesat Volume 6
  • Performed by: Redheat
  • Published on: The Sound of SceneSat, Vol.6
  • Label: Scenesat
  • Album UPC: 859744663527
  • Date: 2021-08-22 (Created in 2016, released 2021)
  • Year: 2016


Gravity Assist

by Wintje+ai

Gravity Assist

by RRR


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