Child Of The Dog Star


Child Of The Dog Star



Child Of The Dog Star


Music Video

Studio Notes

The track doesn’t have much in the way of resemblence to the TV series of a similar name, however the entire track is part of a video ”demo” that was set in motion by an obsession with ominously rotating machinery- in this case the ”daisy rod” that came from the TV show ”Children of the Dog Star”.

The track was composed and the video produced on a Sunday afternoon in bed. This was a quick production.

Equipment used:

  • Composed and produced on an Apple iPad Pro with Garageband (stock).
  • Mastered in Final Touch iOS
  • Video produced in Luma Fusion iOS
  • 3D modeling in Shapr3D iOS
  • 3D rendering in Matter iOS
  • Additional art assets created in Procreate iOS
  • Performed by: RedHeat
  • Released: 2022-02-15 (Created 2020)
  • Year: 2020


Blog time.

I’ve always had a thing for rotating things that resemble the motion of cogs turning in the mind, windmills spinning in the breeze, space probes flying through space, gyrating for their time-delay integrated image systems…(like Juno).

So it took over 20 years to track down one of my favourire children’s TV series- eventually discovering some terrible quality rips from someone’s VHS on YouTube, excellent!

But where’s the official release? I did some research only to find out that the reason there had not been an official home VHS or DVD release was down to the copyrights “being stuck in litigation limbo” with NZTV for over 20 years!

The TV program was aired only once in the UK during 1980s- of those few Saturday mornings that I did get to watch TV, I just happened to see the very first episode. Lucky me!

Child Of The Dog Star

by RRR

Screen grabs & 3D construction stills

Below are some of the stages of the model design as well as some clips of source material from which this “device” originates.

Using an early beta test of Shapr3D on my iPad Pro I created a series of clunky models. Unfortunately, Shapr3D now costs a ludicrous (>$900) subscription making it unfeasible for the hobbyist. Update: 2022, they listened and now its actually affordable. Too late!

Code “Mystery”

Embedded Code from a scene in the show. The creators certainly put their effort in when it came to actual rocket science. There is also a notable link between the featured star system Sirius with the Mormon religion.

In the sequence of images below, some were only on screen for a fraction of a second each, which puts these images into a category of subliminal messaging called a data-blast.

In actual reality a data-blast was something a famous TV kids computer show “Bad Influence” co-opted in the 90s to broadcast lots of game hints, cheats and other information at the end of the show that when recorded on to video cassette could then be replayed with freeze frame/pause to retrieve the information. Very cool for its time!

As a small child I built a replica of this alien spacecraft out of cardboard and electronic scraps, but of course, no photographs of it (it was crap).

I recommend watching the mini-TV series “Children of the Dog Star” if you can get a copy. It was published briefly on DVD in the early 2000s and is now quite rare, it has however appeared on YouTube! 😃

0. 00047 65699 16867
0. 00068 66451 27305
0. 00093 52197 97816
0. 00122 24470 64294
0. 00154 85045 16579

0. 00191 35945 90170
0. 00231 79450 15821
0. 00276 18093 29252
0. 00324 54674 43525
0. 00376 92262 86978

0. 00433 34205
0. 00493 84132
0. 00558 45970
0. 00627 23946
0. 00700 22602

0. 00777 46804
0. 00859 01752
0. 00944 92999
0. 01035 26461
0. 01130 08432

0. 01925
0. 02059
0. 02197
0. 02341

They seem to be the “nome q” for 1deg increments of elliptic function tables. I have no idea what this means. You’ll find every 5th number in the q parameter in “Table of Elliptic Functions” by Col. RL Hippisley (5deg increments).

Originally tweeted by Chris (df) (@cjodf) on February 17, 2022.

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