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Bennu Boulder #1, Rotated and colourised the biggest boulder on Bennu (45m wide)

Dawnbreaker Part 1

Hello! It’s 2020, and time for some new music. Dawnbreaker is a four piece sewn into one track, ethereal hard science & fantasy with new age influences especially.

The Gravity Bell

In tribute to great British composer Mike Oldfield and inspired by NASA Juno’s mission to Jupiter- I am proud to present The Gravity Bell. A confluence of part of the Tubular Bells riff together with my own earlier composition- Gravity Assist and more.

Hanami Nights

RedHeat’s new single “Hanami Nights” is a 5 minutes long WOW moment! We already knew that this UK born, Netherlands based artist was talented. The new single is a giant leap for this music project. “Hanami Nights” is a chilled and laid-back piece with a catchy melody – as beautiful as illuminated cherry blossoms, which […]

Origins Album Art

Reviewed! Origins

By BT Fasmer – NewAgeMusic.guide – April 25th 2019. Sometimes a cover artwork tells little or nothing about the music inside – and sometimes it tells the whole story. The cover of RedHeat’s new release “Origins” contains a picture of deep space combined with a part of a tubular bell – famously used in Mike Oldfield’s 1973 bestselling […]