Memory Gene

Warning: Rambling So, what do you think of our new front page? With this website, I am trying to share what it’s like living with my twin flame/spirit by sharing the stuff that Ilona inspires, as well as some of the stuff Ilona is experimenting with making herself, though thats getting difficult because Ilona is […]

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Amiga Format

A quick dive head first into some of the worst music ever composed here, all for science of course. It began with an Amiga for Christmas.

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The Midland Owl Rescue

Well howdy doody. You must do something about that Charles Bronson/Mikado photo.. doesn’t go with the music. Was just playing your cd and thought it about time we said hi. Luv to you both The Midland Owl Rescue Back in my teens, I spent quite a lot of my time volunteering for the husband-and-wife run […]

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