Amiga Format

Greetings! I bring you a sample of my youth with a curated bunch of Commodore Amiga modules including one that memed its way into the Commodore Consciousphere back in the 90s.

Everyone go m

Studio Notes

This track is a little bit famous as it was the first of the Amiga Format magazine’s Mod-of-the-Month competition winners, following suite from CU Amiga’s long standing mod-of-the-month cover-disk feature. This came about due to Amiga Format launching a Cover CD that had more storage than they knew what to do with, so on they piled the reader’s modules.

Unfortunately some unscrupulous readers sent in ripped modules that either were not their own work or had considerable sampling from commercial works so after a few issues Amiga Format dropped the entire concept which was a shame.

Still, I got in the magazine, which was nice.

Despite the magazine mentioning a Kazoo, there was no such thing used. The vocals were just my voice into a microphone.

This lead to Pagan Games getting in touch by snail mail- I’ve included the correspondence for posterity in a separate article.

And more (absolute tripe)

There are many many more but those are really best left to rot away 🫡