The Jovian Generation

In The Beginning

Not too far away is a place called Cefn Bryn, a part of the beautiful Gower peninsula, upon this hill along with the wild horses and sheep is an ancient burial site adorned with a gigantic stone locally known as Arthur’s Stone.

Ilona-Ruby on Arthur’s Stone

The piece of music paired with the time-lapse of this free-style composition is titled ”Crying Out” from the Red Reflections album, composed some time in the year 2000.

We would have walks out and around this area a number of times and this stone is featured in the build of the artwork below.

The Entity!

The depiction of a faceless entity in front of a tesseract of light comprised of more composited images to form the planet Jupiter as seen from the Juno space craft.

The Power of Three

The storms, several sizes of the planet Earth playing a prominent role, though in this stage of the composition they are hiding behind the entity.

The entity is a real photograph of me wearing a 100% retroreflective coat, the hood would stand quit high above my head giving alien-like proportions to my body.

It was a very cool coat for night photography experiments too.

Updated 2023: The remaster of the artwork shown below in paint style for the front cover of the track Future Sight


The mask on the face of the entity has several memories within it. The space shuttle upon the top of the Boeing 747, a green aurora comprised of warped star trails, and a part of the building blocks for the tesseract with a tiny Juno above Jupiter just about visible in the middle.

This artwork in turn inspired the sequence of thoughts that lead to the creation of the musical Gravity Assist project.

Gravity Assist then eventually evolved in to the musical project: The Gravity Bell