Travelling Light

I have made some photographic artwork inspired by light, jet turbines and the smell of kerosine in the dark.

You can find the pictures here:

All pictures were taken with iPhone 5, which limited the resolution somewhat, but the results are pleasing. Each night capture takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to make, then composition of the exposures is done (also on the iPhone). This mobile device theme is something I do quite frequently because I often have the need to realize my ideas quickly.

Meanwhile, some crazy stuff happened at the airport during the period that I was there. Most notably the newly completed garage / multipurpose building complex collapsing in on itself – it happened on the only day I wasn’t there that week. Nobody got hurt, thankfully.

Processed with MOLDIV

Update 2018: The collapsed building was completely torn down and another, bigger building is being constructed in its place. Estimated completion date for the new building is October 2019. The damage to the collapsed building came to about €22,000,000 (About $25 million US dollars). I am glad it is all sorted out now and look forward to seeing what the airport looks like later in 2019. The investigation into the cause of the collapse did not find anything odd, the most probable cause was materials failure as it dried in the unusually hot heatwave that struck the Netherlands that week.

Official statement (translated)

Eindhoven Airport and BAM reach agreement on financial settlement parking garage

Eindhoven / Bunnik, 2 January 2019 – Eindhoven Airport and construction company BAM reached an agreement on the financial settlement of the incident of 27 May 2017, in which the parking garage at Eindhoven Airport partially collapsed. Fortunately no casualties occurred during the incident.

At the beginning of April 2018 BAM started with the rebuilding of the parking garage. Completion is planned for October 2019. The parties do not make any further announcements regarding the content of the agreement reached.

 “We are pleased that with this agreement we can put a stop to financial settlement and we can focus on the future”, says Joost Meijs, general manager of Eindhoven Airport.

“The settlement fits within the provision made by BAM in the fourth quarter of 2017,” says Jaap Hazeleger, director BAM Bouw en Techniek bv. “The rebuilding is progressing well.”


Night photography

The setup. iPhone on the ready- actually by this point the aeroplane arrived, the people disembarked and luggage unloaded. As the plane is put to sleep for the night, the flurry of business is now down to a trickle- the only people left are the tidy up crews. This is a Boeing 737-800, but don’t quote me on that. Not much of a plane spotter!

iPhone 5S mounted on Tripod running NightCap PRO
The result of the experiment

The movement of the crew in yellow jackets, vehicles, as well as passengers walking  created light trails. This is a series of exposures composited (with hues adjusted for effect). Streams in the sky are composited streetlight trails. The bottom left corner is a composite from the Juno mission pictures of Jupiter. I had a lot of that on my mind while at the airport due to the way things came together with the Juno Mission in 2016.