Outer Circle Dance Edition Released!


Finally got the mix done and now available for download πŸ™‚

The dance edition is a totally new piece of music, but with some of the lyrics from the newage-ish original “Outer Circle Vocal” version resung, rerecorded and written into this piece specifically.

Big thanks must go to Pricilla Hernandez (Yidneth) for taking time to re-do the singing, and also again big thanks to AcidSoul who helped by mixing the vocals into the instrumental track I composed.

Without his help none of this would have been possible πŸ™‚

I know this is a little off the norm for you guys who like my new-age stuff etc… but this is me, right here, right now. Enjoy!

Outer Circle – lyrical?

The lyrical version materialised unexpectedly via an unsolicited contribution appearing in my mailbox by a young lady- Priscilla Hernandez. As someone who is not a fan of vocal work it was a little awkward, however as it was kinda cool that somebody had taken my song to heart it grew on me a little.

My New Age instrumental Outer Circle with the added vocals: