Outer Circle – lyrical?

The lyrical version materialised unexpectedly via an unsolicited contribution appearing in my mailbox by a young lady- Priscilla Hernandez. As someone who is not a fan of vocal work it was a little awkward, however as it was kinda cool that somebody had taken my song to heart it grew on me a little.

My New Age instrumental Outer Circle with the added vocals:

The Outer Circle Dance Experience

A few weeks later I began fiddling with my new synthesizer (Korg Z1) when the rough concept of a dance remix. The following experiments were certainly unusual.

The vocals had been taken from a cappella, and bodged into the faster 140 BPM tempo. Some processing with a vocal harmoniser added some chorusing harmonies. This would be the beta version of the track.

Prepare yourselves…

If you’d like to experience Outer Circle as it was meant to be, here is the album with the original non-bastardised track.