Life of the Ladybirds

We rescued four stranded Ladybirds, gave them fresh water and let them hitch a ride to some shelter and vegetation- which is all too sparse on the volcanos. Music is part of a new instrumental EP: Let There Be Life. Releasing on all platforms 25th December 2022.

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Wet Socks

It is what it is, wet socks. How to enjoy life on the stony beaches on Lanzarote, our first vacation since what seems forever. Wet socks.

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Lanzarote 2019

First vacation since Ilona-Rubyโ€™s miraculous treatment, its been a hell of a time getting to this moment, and its all on me to pull all the suitcases and I donโ€™t mind one bit. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Hereโ€™s our vacation video and a nifty soundtrack made in an 8-bar mono-synthesizer called Figure. It doesnโ€™t actually have a sequencer, […]

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